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  Post Press Workflow
PostPress is a crucial part of any printing process even though it takes place after the actual printing, since it determines the final look, shape and feel of your printed product. Dot Graphics Pvt. Ltd. offers all types of post press finishing required for commercial printing materials and packages. Our fine quality post press finishing makes all the difference to your final printed product and sets us apart from other commercial printers. We employ a number of different imported and local machines for all types of post press processes depending on the product and requirement, eliminating all possibilities of the even minor human error. Razor sharp creasing and cutting machines, computer aided folding machines for precise folding and clean binding free of any gumming marks give the final printed product its unique superior quality. In addition, cold set lamination, UV curing, die punching, wire stitching – all done by precision machines, add shine, durability and value to the printed product and package and the customer satisfaction that we guarantee.
  Post Press Services
UV Coating
UV Coating
UV coating provides the final glaze on the printed material and provides fine lustrous effect to the final product. Our machines can also deliver Spot UV effect wherein only specific parts of the printed material are coated to highlight a particular design, font or colour.
Water based Varnishing
Water based Varnishing
Water based varnishing or blister coating is mainly used to give the printed material a glossy effect and also to make it scratch proof. We have various varnishing machines like AutoPrint FineCoat 80 which provide superior finish to the final package and product. 
Lamination finishing technique is similar to varnish, but it delivers more shine and provides a richer appearance than varnish. The Lamination effect works very well for sophisticated packaging requirements such as cosmetic and perfume packages, invitation cards and designer brochures.
Die Punching
Die Punching
At Dot Graphics Pvt. Ltd. we have a number of machines like the Hiedelberg Cylinder, Polar Mohr Eltromat etc for different cutting requirements like die punching, cutting, creasing etc. Apart from cutting and punching, die punching machines can also give creased and Embossed effects.
Our high grade Automatic Insert Folding Machines automatically folds any type of paper into different folding patterns, primarily useful for medical inserts, notebooks, textbooks, magazines, brochures, etc.
Adhesive binding is primarily employed in the production of notebooks, textbooks, paperbacks, magazines, and business reports. We have a range of binding machines such as Automatic Paper Folding Machines, Nipping Machine and Thread Sewing Machines which deliver high quality binding results at high production speeds, thus meeting the large production requirements for these products at a superior quality.
Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping
Foil stamping provides a rich, shining, metallic effect on printed material and paper. We have specialized machines like Kluge EHD through which foil is stamped in any desired shape, font and design on the printing material or package. This is very useful in wedding invitations, perfume and cosmetic packages, FMCG packaging etc.
Embossing is another design effect that we can create through machines, giving the effect of raised or deep impression in any preset design.
  Post Press Machines (Equipments)
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